Fave Wedding Folks

charleston is a beautiful area, i can finally appreciate it again. i fell in love with charleston 20 years ago and declared to my mother when i was 12 and she first took me to the chuck that i would be going to college there. i fall hard and fast for cities like damn women. i ended up with a full academic scholarship to cofc in 1999 and subsequently managed to flunk out twice in the four years i attended. between that major fuck up, being a whore (not in the good way but the bad, i-dont-like-myself-someone-fuck-away-the-self-loathing kind of way), drinking all day everyday, getting into a habit of doing coke while working, along with countless other terrible decisions made with questionable ethics, i left in 2003 no longer smitten with charleston. in fact, i hated it and wanted to forget the majority of my four years there. jung says that is a bad idea, to not acknowledge your own darkness, but i hadnt read ol ‘carl when i started repressing charleston. in light of this, along with tremendous honor, i experienced a touch of anxiety when i got a wedding invitation in the mail from one of my favorite chucktown folks. i found out on the way down my “big sis” anne was officiating and when i arrived, i saw her SO was in town–both these things made me super happy bc anne is hilarious and mary being in town gave me someone to sit with bc i figured i wouldnt know anyone. i knew everyone and long story short, i had a blast and love charleston again. i got reminded that when i was a 20-year-old barback at vickery’s downtown, i would ask people if they had tickets to the gun show then show my biceps. a couple of people asked if i got a boob reduction. i used to flash my boobs at the drop of a hat. but no, i did not, i just started wearing good bras in the last year so my boobs look nice and normal. anyway, it was great to reconnect with people id done really stupid shit with or who had just stood by and witnessed me doing really stupid shit. it was really good to reconnect and see all these fools doing well. everyone seems at least as happy as i am which is saying a lot. speaking of, i have been to three weddings this year and this is one of the two i approved of plus it was one of my favorites if the not the favorite of all time.
i caught a great sunrise out at the washout on folly, i got coffee with a friend and then got coffee with an okcupid person just before leaving monday morning and im looking forward to the next time i can get down to the chuck.











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