the jesus freaks are shit tippers–right up there with the lesbians. i reckon as a lesbo jesus freak maybe that is part of the reason im a phenomenal tipper is to make up for the shit tippers running around in the name of sappho and jesus. another part of the reason i tip well (probably the main part) is because ive worked in f&b my entire life. anyway, this lil couple came in for breakfast and i saw a tract on their table when i went to clean it up. ive stopped being offended when people leave these for me, but still do this inner face palm like “oh, ffs, they left the jesus tip. my salavation is secured, thanks, but my retirement plan isnt, fuckers.” but first off this tract was different–it includes POC (that being the case it looks awkwardly racist) and the people left me more money than most other folks do at breakfast time. that is what i get for being judgmental!



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