is a twitter descriptor i just found this morning that made me lolololol. i dont know if it is new or old or trending or what but it is accurate for me presently. the good thing about being in my current (SO single and for the first time loving it) headspace is im not interested in even dating anyone because im just too. fucking. busy. at the same time, im still on okcupid a ton because i love to daydream about meeting and dating people and okc is great for finding like-minded (poly, kinky, and queer) folks to chat with about all the things. the cool thing about the last person i dated is she didnt just raise the bar but changed the game entirely so im reluctant to engage with anyone who isnt of equal caliber. and i dont want to date anyone who isnt as at least as amazing as the rest of my friends either. i am surrounded by amazing fucking people and if someone isnt as at least as amazing as the least amazing of my friends, then i couldnt date that person even if i was in a headspace to do so. this is a new thing for me, being comfortably SO single. i just lament that more folks cant casually makeout and be touchy-feely. well, they can but it usually requires alcohol and then it is usually regrettable and doesnt stop with making out and all that just complicates things. right now, i am Keeping It Simple Stupid, above anything else. that being said, i just found out my bestie cant come over from france and do a states tour road trip with me next year and so what i am thinking either before or after syria is to do an okcupid tour of the country and blog about all the okc people i meet–take online dating on the road. TBD.


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