We Set Out

and grabbed the number 4 tram to the hwy (A2) but got a new magic marker and some tape to recycle paper and cardboard for our signs to places. maastricht is directly south of amsterdam–you just stay on the A2 for 200km. so we got set up by noon and picked up 20 min later for a trip just down the motorway–a good start, right? nah, we thought being at the onramp would be awesome but it wasnt AND popo came and told us to GET OFF THE HIGHWAY. whoops. so we decided to walk toward the train station there was no sidewalk and we got yelled at again. my brother got mad at me bc he thought i was gonna land him in jail. just then a family picked us up to ease on down the road. they dropped us off at a gas station that did not look promising at all but then *MAGIC* wendy showed up. it was her first time picking up hitchers. she said we looked nice :p her grandmother was in hospital and she was on the way to see her. the station we ended up at where wendy dropped us seemed like the place hitchhiker morale goes to die but really in NL there is no lost hope and sure enough, five minutes into the wait, some folks going 30 km shy of our destination picked us up. they also had never picked up hitchers. they let us out 30 km from maastricht at a nearly-abandoned gas station and it was getting dark quickly. i scanned for camping spots and wondered how to break the news of sleeping outside to my brother. then after 30 min alderman of maastricht ben scoops us up and takes us into downtown, less than a mile from out host. outside of our initial ride, here is today’s cast of characters:








One thought on “We Set Out

  1. I think it’s super cool that you’re photo-journaling the kind people who help you on your journey. I gives them the role they played, I like seeing them and imagining their voice and the feeling you had when each one -wait for it- YES!! pulled over for you. Looks like the mojambo is taking care of you so far, may it continue! (and I have yet to read the past posts beyond these first few, so I’m trusting you survived the trip kickoff okay). I look forward to the next post.

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