That Bla Bla Car

isnt necessarily safer than hitchhiking:
we arrived in warszawa a day early because we could not get a ride to gdansk. we took a ride share with young, entitled and oblivious krys. driving 200km/hr in icy conditions, a windshield he could not see out of, and occasionally texting, he put our lives at risk multiple times. originally we were supposed to be dropped off before his appt but since he left an hour too late to make his appt ontime even going as fast as he was, i told him, he should let us wait in the car while he went to the dermatologist. finally he got my meaning and stopped trying to call my host to pick a point for us to tuck and roll apparently. so he swung into the parking garage, locked us in the car and ran in to see his dr. as i breathed a heavy sigh of relief at being in warszawa alive, the car alarm went off and after it stopped, i took off my seat belt and it started again. nothing made it quit except time and it went off a third time and the security in the garage got angry because they probably thought we were intentionally setting it off and they stood outside the car and we couldnt respond to them because a) not enough polish and b) if we moved the alarm would go off again. the good thing is, krys dropped us off at the door of a very nice man and his very nice roommate who accepted us last minute. łukasz and piotr and the two greatest dogs ever–arga and brush. i could have stayed with them forever and ever. so many men on this trip would fall into my future ex-husband category if i were straight. le sigh.




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