Tuesday in KL

after going to school with my cousins, i crashed for two hours on the couch in the band room office. i couldnt even fight it–pretty sure i went from 0 to dead asleep in 2.3 seconds. at 10am i got up and went downtown to petaling street, chinatown and walked around. malaysians are super nice–not just the ones pretending because they wanna sell you something but even guys passing by on scooters initiate smiles and waves and hellos. the exact opposite of europe basically, especially eastern europe, ukraine, and russia. i napped again before ultimate frisbee with the cousins’ co-workers. those were all fantastically nice people as well. we had post ultimate thai supper from a stall in an open-air place nearby and washed that amazing green curry down with some tiger beer. my cousins have been super accomodating of my veganism which is great and so appreciated. then i slept like a baby.











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