Readjustment Continues

after doing my gal volunteer stuff this am,0 i practiced for the zombie apocalypse by taking a machete and making a trail from my the edge of my parents’ yard toward the parkway where it borders their property. if i had to swordfight someone, id better run em through in the first five minutes or im done for. i gave up tennis last year due to tendonitis and even tried to switch unsuccessfully to being a lefty. im decent with a machete in the left hand though. my dad is gonna be happy that i started this trail because he wanted me to do it last winter but i never made time for it.
#freeajstaff makes me wanna take the machete i was just trailblazing with and go free all the journalists. dollarshaveclub’s commercial makes me wanna join even though im not *really* a boy.
“youre rubix cubing this one too hard. just relax.”
ive been letting myself watch some tv in the last few days. aljazeera america is just the best and oh, my god, a show i dreamt up while in india is an actual thing–a london cabbie goes to mumbai to try gis hand at driving a taxi in india. crazypants. megacity is a good way to describe mumbai. im making my plans for my summer trip to france. every time i think about my coming godchild i cry. every time i think about my coming cousin, i cry. every time i think about my winter trek i cry. well, i dont cry but my eyes well up and i feel like i need to sob into someone’s lap for about 10 minutes to release everything that ive experienced and learned the last couple of months. i didnt get a chance to be sad all winter bc i was tok busy. every day was a new face, a new town and no matter if we were in the mood or not, we had to put on a happy face and engage. oh, my and the taxi wallah show just made me well up. fml. oh, and i missed work this morning because i cant get my dates and my days right. another fml. but i did make some decent vegan cookies this afternoon and at least now i know i have to work tonight. since getting home, i have put together a three-hour playlist of songs to work on and perform on the streets this summer for extra dinero. i told my mom ibwas going to hike the canigou this summer and her response was, “canigou too?”


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