Plott Balsam

i looked up instructions for how to get from waterrock to plott balsam via browning and lyn lowry. no decent net sources exist on the matter so i decided to just try it. it’s not a decent hike without getting lost anyway. well, i did get lost a number of times but could not figure out how to get to plott balsam to save my soul so i finally hiked back down to the parkway and walked five miles up to waterrock on the road. i found a note on my car that the parkway was closed and that the gate would be latched but not locked so i could leave. definitely locked. with TWO locks. and i have no phone so i couldnt call the number but within just a couple of minutes park dudemen came with a key. i reckon they were making certain every one had gotten out. the whole reason I had picked this place where I had just hiked Saturday was because I erroneously thought that when I summited browning I had bagged a six thousand footer and told a friend about it and told her there were about twenty of them in the southern Appalachians.  wrong.  I looked it up and damn there are FOURTY and browing isn’t one but lyn lowry and plot blsam are so I was determined to bag those two today.  wrong again, but I did have fun trying.






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