Friends ALLLLLL Week!

my good friend the mermaid and her friend just scooted out of town.  I hope they send me some pictures soon because they took so many good ones of our 43 hours together.  I think it has been close to 7 years since ive seen mermaid and she is just the same beautiful joyful individual that I remember.  we talked a lot about the lasting influence we had on each other and I knew it was a lot but I didn’t know just how much my short time with her had altered me.  one simple way is that I call my parents “my folks” and have since I heard her call her parents that. I thought it was cute and old fashioned.  I have another friend that I have never met coming into town late late this evening but I feel like I have known this person for as long as I’ve known mermaid.  lotsa influencing of the spheres going on.


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