Since Last Week’s

Magical Musical Experience I have been banging out songs and poems.  the flood gate of creativity is open.  I find analogy and imagery and inspiration every place I go.  also, since I lost all my music, I’ve had to listen to fuzzy npr or just enjoy the silence as I drive, but I put in an amazing sound system in 2010 for the purpose of listening to music in a heightened and enveloping way that brings me loads of joy.  attachment again.  so to resume the boom boom, I got a few music cds from the library, that wonderful source of free and amazing media.  I checked out an assortment of albums including iron&wine, joni Mitchell, 10,000 maniacs, bo diddley, the avetts, linda Ronstadt, and larence welk.  yesterday morning in one of those moments where you don’t want to be caught dead, I drove the six miles to my parents’ house to take a shower because I had a leak in my own wearing nothing but my work shirt, a pair of panties and blasting “bubbles in the wine.  I definitely obeyed all the traffic laws en route.   on the way to work, I played some zooey deschanel, and as much as I want to hate her little band she & him, I got really hooked on her song “never wanted your love.”  she isn’t the best songwriter but she isn’t the worst and my favorite line from that tune is

 all I know is i’m tired of being clever

everybody’s clever these days

I reckon the whole little ditty spoke to me as far as how I view my romantic interaction with a person I dated last summer.  but that particular line especially because I always felt as if she were ya know more interested in outsmarting me in a way than just being in a relationship with me.  and I agree with zooey on this–I’m fucking tired of trying to be clever in that sense.  i’d rather be authentic and sometimes my authenticity is just simple and not clever at all.  and with the right person, I don’t have to try to outfox anyone. also, the song made me realize I don’t have to come up with super clever lyrics necessarily.  it reminded me that simple shit makes for great poetry.  Here’s the song “never wanted your love” on youtube if you care to listen.      


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