With Losing

my iphone, so went the music.  I gave up the ghost and cancelled my rhapsody account Monday.  all that lovely music gone.  it was an attachment and I let it go.  i’m also resolved to losing all of my pictures.  the pictures thing has happened before–back in 2011 when I cancelled facebook.  i also miss the camera function on my phone but it’s related to vanity–i just want to take pictures of my accomplishments and show them off.  for instance, this morning, i made a vegan eggs benedict and wanted to take a picture of it because FUCK it was SO pretty and the person i made it for was shocked at how close it was to the original animal-laden product. i was proud and i wanted to hold onto that.  but that moment of pride about one meal i cooked for one person at one breakfast is no more important than any other moment in time and deserves no more attention than when i go to poop the whole meal out later.  this no phone thing is causing my mom more anxiety than anyone else. she’s bugging me to get a cricket (pun totally intended), and i reckon i might just in case of emergencyish situations 


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