A Pastor Friend of Mine

brought this to my attention on Twitter today.  he is in support of the fellas being “persecuted.”  I say “persecuted” because they aren’t actually being hurt.  they’re idiots.  What people have to understand is when they open their mouths on an issue, the right to do so is what is protected.  your JOB is not protected.  when sponsors cease to give you money based on your publicly-espoused ignorant point of view (or maybe just an unpopular point of view or whatever) that is not having your freedom of speech violated, it is biting the hand that feeds you and you getting fucking fired.  these “Christian” twats were canned for being bigots and I say “Christian” because they aren’t Christian and their brand of jesus worship is the kind that is exclusive and jesus was a radically inclusive mother fucker.  if you’re anti gay and anti abortion, you’re first and foremost JUDGMENTAL and you wanna bring unwanted kids into the world that YOU don’t wanna adopt AND at the same time prevent willing-and-able LGBTQ parents from adopting the unwated kids that you won’t adopt.  it is SO effing hard to not judge judgmental, idiotic bigots.  on a happy note, I get to see Hank III for my birthday!!!  #waitingeightyears


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