I Got Curious

about whether or not I had been specifically mentioned on trip advisor by any customers I’ve waited on because a couple of them had said they were going to tell the interwebs how awesome I am.  so, I decided to check it out the other day.  I didn’t findmyself mentioned by name in any glowing recommendations but I did find a review that accused me of stealing a credit card.  I waited on some folks back in may.  I always glance at the last name to thank the customer personally and I always check out the back to see if it says to check for ID.  well, I remembered this couple because they had a distinctively polish name AND they ordered an extra entrée to split between them.  these fuckers had their card number ganked within an hour of coming to the place where I work so they just assumed I had time to run down to Georgia where these strange-o purchases were made AND still manage to wait on my tables.  furthermore, for a server to steal a credit card is a career-ending move.  I’ve been doing this for over a decade and I may have to do it another decade.  if i’m stealing a card, it’s gonna be for a hoorah that will last a lifetime.  as my philosophy professor from college told us when asked how much an A would cost, “you would have to pay me the value of the rest of my working life plus benefits because if I got busted for that, my professional career is OVER.”  no one asked about paying him for a good grade after that.  it is a strange feeling to have an accusation leveled at you and a) not know it for over a month and b) to not be able to fix it without LOTS and LOTS of headache.  also, when you as a cardowner realize that it wasn’t the server who stole the shit, it seems like the courteous thing to go back and fucking apologize.  it’s difficult to not be upset that that internet post exists but if that is the worst false accusation I have thrown at me then I guess i’m doing alright.  I just have that whole psychotically Scottish honor thing about my honesty and so it drives me a little batty.                


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