I Am Really Proud of Myself

for not cutting a bitch on saturday.  not that i would ever cut a bitch–i really don’t think i have it in me to fight–but the fact that i didn’t lose my shit makes me feel really good.  so the girlfriend has this one ex who has been a pain in her (and my own) ass since they broke up.  and the girlfriend has vented to me about all these episodes.  before i heard so many negative things, i actually wanted to meet the girl but after months and months of bad, i was like, “jesus kuh-RIST, why are you even friends with this fucker”, AND the ex didn’t NOT want to meet me which made me feel even weirder about all the bad behavior she engaged in.  mainly, she is just a big ol’ compulsive and (probably) pathological liar.  so we went to the girlfriend’s college homecoming saturday, and i said something, like, “um, i’d like to meet ex gf because it would be weird for you to be at this homecoming and not interact with her because i’m here plus i want to give her a chance, ya know?” so the girlfriend agreed to this and i met the ex at our tailgate party.  nice at first. plastered but congenial even though she was nervous and whatnot.  then she came back around and wanted to play cornhole with me.  then she let me know how much i sucked.  “i can deal with this drunk fucker. i’m not gonna let this drunk bitch ruin my good time.”  then she left the game and walked over to the girlfriend.  out of the corner of my cornhole-playing eyeball i see the girlfriend in a physical altercation, a physical altercation with her ex.  her ex was grabbing at her and pull on her by the waist and the back of the head trying to pull her in for a kiss or something guano.  right. in. front. of. me.  WTF?! so i yell the gf’s name across the cornhole court and ex gf takes off.  so, i kinda knew this person might show their ass given the opportunity.  and they did.  real big.  and while I’m not one for ultimatums or holding anyone down or making weirdo rules that i wouldn’t want to adhere to myself, i said, “this bitch is 86’d for life.”  the gf agreed. and blocked ex from calling but not before she could send out texts that included “arrested,” and “in jail.”  bitch, you can’t text from JAIL.  anyway, i don’t have to worry about her lying to my girlfriend anymore but i do worry that my girlfriend will be sad that i 86’d this person.  i think as liberal as i am about love and forgiveness and all that warm fuzzy jazz, i know when something is bad for me.  this person is bad for the gf, bad for me, and bad for my relationship.  by “bad,” i mean, “toxic.”  i can forgive anything but i don’t forget.  anyway, so i’m just glad i wasn’t reactive and kept the higher ground in that scenario.  i’m bad to let my strong feelings push me to take the low road.  so while a trying moment on saturday, it was a challenge i rose to–probably helped that i was sober.  who the fuck is sober at a tailgating event??? this kid.


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