Jess As In…

this old fart i waited on recently thought he came up with a crafty plan to figure out if I was a boy or a girl. He asked me, “is that Jess as in jessica?” No. It is Jess as in Jess.  “Jess as in Jesse?” No, Jess as in Jess. Big smile. One of my co workers overheard and we had a good laugh about it. Kids just ask, and that is what I love about interacting with kids–they haven’t learned to be dishonest which is what being careful, and tip toeing around your question is–dishonest. My little cousin asked me last year at breakfast if I was a girl or a boy and I told him I was both and he took it well, continuing to eat his blueberry pancakes while my uncle was nonplussed by the whole exchange. I’m not saying all honest questions are appropriate bc they definitely aren’t–the being asked what genitals a person has I haven’t experienced yet but whoa! Wildly inappropriate. The old guy ended up being really nice and tipping well and complimenting my service profusely so I ain’t mad at him, but geez when someone tells you their name, take their word for it.


One thought on “Jess As In…

  1. I had to laugh a little reading this. Why does sex or gender even matter unless you’re thinking about your personal sexual compatibility with that person? Also I love little kids’ up front questions and honesty!

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