Bus Hostel Reykjavik

You can chill here, use free (GOOD) wifi and buy an endless inexpensive cup of joe until your check-in time which is 3pm.  The staff isnt over-friendly, in fact, they remind me of asheville servers, the “wtf do you wannnnnnnnnt?” attitude that is pervasive over there now.  I dont like that.  I dont like to feel like i am bothering anyone especially with basic requests or just simple questions.  I LOVE the common area.  It is bohemian, there is  a bar and a self-serve coffee+tea station.  They have loads of transit and attraction information as well as a car rental service at the front.  When you do check-in, the procedure is easy and you are given a key card to open your specific room which you enter and simply choose an unoccupied bed and place your name placard on it.  The Bus Hostel location is within aeasy walking distance of the city centre–so close, im sure some folks consider it city centre. The restrooms arent gendered. You have to either bring your sleeping bag or pay extra for blanket. A towel is extra as well.  The prices, especially for reykjavik, arent bad at all–i think for 4-bedroom dorm I paid 36 dollars per night.  It can be a little cheaper (i think a 6-bed is available) but mostly goes up from there.  The common room is chilly but that may just be how iceland is.  I cranked the radiator-style heater (nobody said i couldnt!)  and threw my damp clothes over it to dry them out, but the large room with mostly glass is impossible to warm.  They have postcards for sale here along with postage AND they will drop them in the mail for you.  Iceland is known for wool so some artisan clothing is displayed and available for purchase as well. There is a piano but no one has played it yet.  That may be due to the fact that pretty awesome music is playing on the hifi stereo.  Another downside for folks might be the early (10am) checkout time.  I, personally, am almost always gone well before any checkout time, but most folks prefer later.  Here is the main thing–the place is CLEAN, even the kitchen areas.  That is SO important. Overall, I would come back here, and i would recommend Bus Hostel to other travelers. 


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