This is Nicole’s city. The reason i am here is because nicole wanted to come back and visit where she studied for a semester years back.  Her not being here is painful, maybe even more so than iceland.  I’m still crying BUT ive only cried like 3 times today.  Actually, i just left the golf lounge where the bartender ross and i chatted for a bit, and i wanted to tell him as i was leaving that the talk healed my heart a smidgen, but the words got caught in my throat and my eyes began to water (like they are right now), and i took a deep breath to relax my throat and dam up my tears so i could get out quickly, “ross, i so appreciated our conversation.” Im gonna drop him a line and let him know. Im encountering kindness left and right, kindness i dont feel like i deserve at all, and every act no matter how big or small is making me burst into tears.  

Im going to rewind a bit and go back to my final hours in iceland.  I managed to glimpse the northern lights but it meant staying up all night with my roommates at Bus Hostel Lis (from Colombia living in NYC) and Garry (from Australia living in glasgow). Along for the show ere some young chinese folks Bobby, Caroline, and Angel.  I wondered what their chinese names were but decided to just let it go withthe anglicized version.  Bobby complimented me on my mandarin accent when i asked him his name which made my fucking night more than seeing the northern lights.  Long story shirt, i had a great talk with lis prior to the northern lights show then we found Garry who was passed out drunk in the lounge of bus hostel. Garry was on my same flight back to glasgow Wednesday morning and was cool before he got stinking (literally reeked of alcohol) drunk, but after that, he was just super annoying and a jacksass.  So there was that to contend with, AND i had pre paid my driver from blue lagoon (I didnt think it would be easy to get a ride in the dark so i arranged a ride for myself after the blue lagoon–which was an awesome though touristy experience!) for my morning ride to KEF but of course, i got an email late night that my driver had hit a pole and damaged his tire/wheel. I thought, of course, this guy (who i had an amazing conversation with on the ride back to the hostel) has also figuratively taken me for a ride, like, SO convenient that i prepaid and his car gets fucked up directly afterwards, but i also told myself, “give the guy the benefit of the doubt because shit does happen, and maybe HE has the bad luck, not you, ya know?” His last response was so sweet and thoughtful that i cant help but believe that he really did have an accident. I will post a screen shot of it. It made me cry.  The amazing lis, she also made me cry. She seemed to think mine and Nicole’s issues were easy to solve and she made it sound easy to me as well. 

While we were staying awake to now catch a bus (since my ride was kaput) i raided the free food bin and made rice with all kinds of stuff dumped into it.  At first no one wanted it, but as i was standing in the cold outside eating a ton of hot rice out of a huge pot, everyone eventually took a turn at it.  We met some really nice guys from Guatemala in addition to the chinese folks, and even though the northern lights were awesome, these brief, meaningful connections are what i will remember and are THE reason that i travel. The only downside was the dunk Garry. I mean, i am shocked they let him on the plane.  At customs in the uk, i was standing behind him and he kept drunkenly talking at me, and the customs official asked, “are you two traveling together?” I shook my head no vigorously and Garry was like, “YES!” “Well, she’s saying no.” “Uh, we were on the same plane, sir. I am traveling alone,” i told him.  I think the customs official  realized i was trying to shake this guy. Garry tried to get me to ride in a cab with him , but i told him i was following my friend’s directions to her house via the bus; so, this motherfucker decides to also take the bus!  What I really wanted to say to him was “get it together!” But he was too drunk to appreciate that message and even if he was sober, im not sure he would take it in. I felt as sorry for him as i felt annoyed because he obviously has a problem, he even alluded to it before he got drunk as a cooter.  

Anyway, despite the cryfests ive been having, im appreciating my experiences.  My friend Dominika that i met on my last hitchhiking adventure now lives in glasgow remembered that i try to be vegan so she had some amazing vegan soup ready when i got to the house. She and her boyfriend andrew (whom i just met) are hospitable, great conversationalists, and just an all-around pleasure to share time+space with. Im about to head to dinner with them at a nearby dim sum place and the reason we are the reason we picked this place was because of the adorable Malaysian young man standing outside of the place yesterday with flyers.  He was SO enthusiastic and SO cute that domi decided we must try it out tonight.  Tomorrow i head out of glasgow and on to my next destinations, and while im excited to move on, im sad to leave this cool city and my friends, exchanging once again the known for the unknown.  


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